My healing sessions are unlike anything I've seen offered elsewhere.

A healing session is a collaborative experience. I believe that the quickest path to healing happens when you play an active and conscious role. What you learn in a healing session is something that you can take with you and put into practice in your daily life. 

Everyone's healing can look different depending on what they're experiencing and where they're at with processing it. My goal is to support you in finding that answer, then giving you action steps. 

The healing process spans across the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. 

We start with a body scan to determine where trauma and/or pain is being held in the body. If needed, I'll share somatic healing techniques that can help you release those issues. We'll address the mental and emotional programs that are keeping you from healing, and how to replace them with new healing programs. Finally, I'll lock everything in through a process of energetic encoding that aligns you with your highest potential to set you up for the greatest possible healing. Before we part, I'll leave you with a to-do list of how to keep yourself in this newly programmed healing state.


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