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Case Closed

LIFE UPDATE: After what felt like an eternity, my extensive test results came back, and now, I not only know what caused my health to deteriorate so rapidly, but I also have answers about some of the life-long health problems I've had. It's not something that can be fixed overnight, but my prospects are good, and since I've started with the proper treatment, I've been feeling better and better every day. 


Maybe I'll address it at some point when I've made a little more progress in my recovery, but not now. I was very open about what I went through in my last post, and as a result, I got a couple messages from people who were convinced they knew exactly what was wrong with me, and wouldn't take "please stop" as an answer. Sure, they didn't know anything about my health history, had no medical degrees, and were literal strangers, but they got in my head and really freaked me out in a way I wasn't prepared for. I even wasted a full doctor appointment addressing all the health conditions strangers from the internet thought I had, and one by one, my doctor calmed my fears about all of them. It was pretty fucking dumb, but you live and you learn. 


Yeah, I know. But the amount of supportive feedback I've received has more than made up for it. I'm especially grateful for it during this time when things are so fucked up politically. Taking care of myself is already a huge chore, but doing it while the world is falling apart has been extra stressful. A huge thanks to everyone who's checked in on me and made me feel like I'm still human. 

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