Personalized one-on-one virtual meetings with Chelsea

If you're in need of guidance related to cults, spiritual crises, plant medicine, or psychedelic integration, I'm available for one-off or on-going consultations. 

Due to the number of requests I receive and the nature of these topics, I'm not able to chat over email or direct message and am unlikely to respond if you reach out in those ways. 

I'm not a therapist or mental health professional, but the experience I have in leaving a cult, deprogramming, facing spiritual crises, exploring plant medicine, and understanding psychedelic experiences are areas in which it can be difficult to find a mental health practitioner who understands enough to be of any substantial help. 

Areas in which I can be of help:

  • how to leave a cult

  • dealing with family/friends after you leave a cult

  • navigating life and finding friends after leaving a cult

  • if you're experiencing a "spiritual crisis," i.e. the disintegration of everything you once knew to be true

  • if you've been in a state of spiritual crisis for an extended period of time and are still overwhelmed

  • if you're overwhelmed by post-cult life and are considering going back just to find some relief

  • if you've been experiencing severe depression or anxiety that hasn't been helped by therapy or medication

  • you'd like guidance on where to start with psychedelic therapy as a beginner

  • you've tried psychedelics but have not experienced the mental or emotional benefits you've been hoping for

  • you've tried psychedelics and are overwhelmed or unsure of how to interpret what you experienced

  • you're unsettled or haunted by your psychedelic experience and need help understanding the greater meaning

  • something else - if you've seen my videos or read my work and think I might be able to help

All consults take place over Zoom. An invite to join will be sent to you after you book your appointment.


You must cancel at least 24-hours before your appointment time in order to receive a refund. No refunds will be given after the consult is over.

30 minute session

60 minute session

Have questions? Reach out.

I don't give personalized advice out over email but will answer any questions you have about consultations. 

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly.