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Chelsea Lockwood Fan Club Forms

May 17, 2019

Fans create an online message board where they can talk about and celebrate Chelsea's works with fellow admirers.

Fan Club Reaches 50,000

November 22, 2019

Within months, the club reaches a whopping 50,000 fans, nearly shutting down all message board activity due to bandwidth restrictions. 

Fan Club Doubles In Size Within Weeks

December 10, 2019

Thanks to a wealthy benefactor, the fan club is able to get the message board back up. Because of the panicked frenzy of her extremely vocal fans, word spreads rapidly and membership increases to just over 106,000. 

Members Get Laminated ID Cards

March 13, 2020

Fan club members take it upon themselves to create an Official Chelsea Lockwood Fan Club ID card, many opting to keep the card pinned to their chests at all times as a display of honor.

Nearly 200,000 Fans Burn Sacrifices in the Desert

August 17, 2020

Chelsea's fans organize a weeklong event in Death Valley where they burn their belongings in an open pit with the hope that it will bring her good fortune. 

Fanatical Sect Starts Chelsea-Inspired Commune

October 11, 2020

200 of Chelsea's most debilitatingly-obsessed fans buy property and build a compound in rural Peru, where they carry out round the clock prayers and sex acts for her safety and wellbeing.

Chelsea Dies in Tragic Jet Ski Accident, Fan Club Distraught

January 01, 2021

While attempting to jet ski alone and untrained across the Bermuda Triangle on New Years Day, Chelsea disappears at sea, leaving her fan base of approximately 500,000 paralyzed with grief and consumed by conspiracy theories that she's still alive.

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