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In early 2016, after spending more than half of my life going to therapy and taking a cocktail of psychiatric medications for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD, I decided I wanted to end my life. I had a great job at a renowned TV news show that I could walk to from my apartment, was living in the city I'd always dreamed of, had more friends than ever before in my life, and yet all of this only seemed to highlight that true happiness, or even mild contentment, was unattainable for me. 

That summer, in a last-ditch effort to say I had tried everything, I went off all medication and took ayahuasca for the first time. In one night, it completely rewired my brain and slashed through a lifetime of neural pathways that had allowed me to fall into depressive, anxious, and suicidal ways of thinking. Always the cynic, I came out of the experience believing it couldn't have possibly fixed me completely, wondering when the terrible thoughts would come again. Months later, they never did. 

Since then, I've devoted my life to understanding the psychedelic experience, altered states of consciousness, and transformational healing. I've trained with numerous plant medicines and healing practitioners from a variety of cultural backgrounds and eventually came to learn how to access the same transformational states without ingesting any substances. I've also learned a great deal about navigating spiritual crises and integrating the often challenging things that come up during the healing process.

My mission is simple: I want to give people information and accessible tools to heal themselves. 

Over the last several years, I've come across many spiritual teachers and healers who claim to have been granted special powers or knowledge that they are the only direct channel of. I've never found that kind of spiritual gate-keeping to be true. You are capable of experiencing transformational healing and unimaginable changes in your life and consciousness all on your own.